nice nice i love going to the movies by myself i can eat an embarrassing amount of popcorn without fear

I’m going to buy every pretzel they have


presidentbaseball replied to your post: I got a call for a job interview tomor…

it’s not a pyramid scheme it’s a reverse funnel system! and what are you seeing?

I wish it was a reverse funnel system. I’m probably going to see Gone Girl if it’s playing at my theater. And probably treat myself to dinner. Nice.


I got a call for a job interview tomorrow :)

I looked up the company online and it’s a pyramid scheme :)

I’m going to the movies by myself tomorrow instead :)

Job hunting is great. Really fantastic stuff :)

As a Hamlet-like play-within-a-play, the duo also hosts several extremely limited-run podcasts within “U Talkin’ U2 To Me?” including “I Love Films”, “Talkin’ Bout Money”, and “In Utero”. The sub-podcast “I Love Films” is distinct from the sub-sub-podcast “I Love I Love Films”, which is hosted by Harris Wittels and is dedicated to reviewing select episodes of the sub-podcast “I Love Films”. There is also a sub-sub-sub-podcast named “I Love I Love I Love Films” during which Paul F. Tompkins declared his love for both “I Love Films” and “I Love I Love I Love Films” but claimed to dislike “I Love I Love Films”, stating that the probable reason was the hosts.
from Scott Aukerman’s Wikipedia page


I want a boyfriend
*talks to a boy*
Never mind I want chick fil a waffle fries

Anonymous: posh cah ntryclub

So accurate

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